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Streptavidin coated plates

Kaivogen started off solely as a microplate provider. We continue to offer high-quality plate products at a competitive price. Kaivogen streptavidin coated microplates are suitable for a wide range of applications. The 96-well plates are available in several different formats including 12-well strip plate, 8-well strip plate and breakable strip… Read More

Anti-species plates

Kaivogen offers anti-species plates for example for screening antibody producing cell lines. Our current portfolio covers anti-mouse, anti-human, anti-sheep and anti-rabbit coated plates. Read More

Laboratory buffers

Our catalogue items consist of various assay buffers and wash concentrates. For europium chelate measurements we offer europium fluorescence intensifier (EFI) solution. Read More

Custom plate coating

For plates coated with your favourite protein, we offer a custom plate coating service. Through this service, we are able to coat up to 2000 plates per batch and according to ISO 13485 if required. Read More

Custom buffer production

Should you need buffers according to your own recipe, we offer custom buffer manufacturing up to 100 litres in batch sizes and according to ISO 13485 if required. Read More

Assay Development Services

Whether you are struggling with puzzling analysis results or you want to grow your new idea swiftly from scratch all the way to a marketed product, our assay development experts can help. Read More