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Our mission is to use advanced diagnostics to quickly
identify pathogens and prevent their spread.

Products and services

Rapid GenomEra® PCR tests

GenomEra® CDX system by Uniogen is a powerful tool for running molecular diagnostics routinely and cost-efficiently—with zero compromises in assay reliability or quality. Our current offering of CE-marked GenomEra IVD tests covers ten different assay kits for the detection of different infectious agents, including SARS-CoV-2.
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Reagents and services

Uniogen is a specialist provider of ready-to-use reagents, components, and individualized assay development services for high-quality IVD immunoassays and antibody tests. Our wide array of available custom assay services includes kit manufacturing, plate production, biomolecule conjugation, and buffer preparation—all adaptable for your specific needs.
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Uniogen is a state-of-the-art manufacturer of individualized, low-maintenance modular microplate readers with built-in dispensers, small footprint, and flexible software for versatile assay types and plate formats. Available measuring technologies include upconverting nanoparticles (Upcon®), time-resolved fluorometry (TRF), fluorescence, luminescence, and absorbance.
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Cancer diagnostics

Uniogen’s unique glycovariant immunoassay technology is based on nanoparticles coated with carbohydrate group-specific binders at a high density, translating to an improved sensitivity and specificity compared to conventional assays. We’re currently developing our first proprietary test for the early detection of ovarian cancer and hold patents for detection of a variety of cancer types.
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Upcon® labeling technology

Upcon® is a first-of-a-kind labeling technology utilizing photostable upconverting nanoparticles that allow measurement without photobleaching, self-quenching or autofluorescence, and bright luminescence with discrete emission bands —even through tissue and in whole blood. Upcon is applicable to quantitative lateral flow tests, bioaffinity assays, microscopy, and imaging.
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More products

Ready-to-use reagents and components for immunoassays

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High-end diagnostic instruments 

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GenomEra® – The long journey of a great product

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Timely detection of ovarian cancer

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News & events

9.5.2023 Kutsu Uniogen Oy:n varsinaiseen yhtiökokoukseen / Invitation to the Annual General Meeting
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2.3.2023 : Press release: Finnish diagnostics company Uniogen is developing a test for timely detection of ovarian cancer
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2.2.2023 : Flu season is here – Let’s talk about testing
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Abacus Diagnostica, Kaivogen and Labrox are now Uniogen

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