Sustainability at Uniogen

At Uniogen, our dedication to sustainability is as strong as our commitment to improving human health. We acknowledge the vital connection between diagnostics and the global challenges and opportunities surrounding sustainability. Our endeavors in clinical diagnostics and life sciences are driven by a vision to contribute to a healthier world, emphasizing responsible environmental, social, and governance practices. 
We firmly believe that a successful and enduring business is inherently sustainable. That’s why we have strategically aligned our operations with both national and international sustainability commitments. Our daily actions in promoting sustainability not only reflect our values but also enable us to maintain flexibility and adaptability in an ever-changing healthcare and business environment.

CEO Ilari Antila  

Our sustainability program is anchored in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In 2015, the UN member states reached a historic agreement on sustainable development goals and a long-term action plan for the world. The 2030 Agenda includes 17 global goals and 169 targets to turn the development of the world into a sustainable direction for humanity, the environment, and the economy by 2030. 

We have identified the most relevant sustainability targets from a business perspective as the basis of Uniogen’s corporate sustainability work and programs.

Read more about our materiality analysis in the Uniogen ESG report 2022.

The chosen Universal SDGs (Sustainability Development Goals) are as follows: 

Uniogen supports the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Our values guide our daily operations and lay the foundation for our corporate culture

You can also read our official sustainability policy.

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