Uniogen is a manufacturer of individualized modular plate readers for customers’ specific needs with regards to measuring technologies and plate formats. Our core competence is in the design and manufacturing of low-maintenance instruments that enable various assays with built-in dispensers, flexible software, and stacker option. Still, the unit itself takes up only a small space in the lab. Available measuring technologies include upconverting nanoparticles (Upcon), time-resolved fluorometry (TRF), fluorescence, luminescence, and absorbance measurement.

Uniogen’s high-end plate readers are designed, built, and installed to rigorous quality control standards to provide top performance and a long operational life. Uniogen’s plate readers are an excellent fit for IVD companies requiring a measuring instrument to sell together with an established range of reagent kits, and for life science laboratories wishing to expand their production capacity. Our products and innovative solutions can also be made accessible to the market through OEM partnerships.

Single mode readers

Individualized detection systems with the features of your choice
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OEM readers

Your brand — our plate technology and instruments
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Diagnostic plate readers

High-end instruments tailored to your assay needs
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Abacus Diagnostica, Kaivogen and Labrox are now Uniogen

Uniogen is a global pioneer in clinical diagnostics, point-of-care testing, and instrumentation for life sciences.

Uniogen – Enabling diagnosis and care at first appointment