Uniogen supports the Sustainable Development Goals.


We have developed the Uniogen company values collaboratively with employees. We aim to reflect the values in daily interactions with customers, partners and colleagues. Regular employee surveys measure the fulfillment of our values, which are reviewed and updated when needed. 

We aim to create long-term employment and engage our employees by investing in working conditions, benefits, opportunities for personal development, and work flexibility in all stages of employees’ lives. We value diverse work communities, regardless of employees’ professional or personal backgrounds. 


Our responsibilities extend beyond the lab and production procedures. Uniogen actively participates in trade fairs and events for community outreach, education programs, and partnerships with universities and student organizations to improve public health outcomes and encourage scientific research and education. Our collaboration with local student organizations includes events, visits, and sponsorships, for example. 

We aim to annually provide summer jobs, internships, and thesis work possibilities to collaborate with students and support them with their career goals. 


We consider employees’ expectations in operational decisions. Uniogen employees have access to comprehensive occupational health services, with a focus on preventive measures to ensure their well-being.


  • Investing in work ergonomics  
  • Possibility to balance work and free time by offering flexible working arrangements in terms of working hours and remote work 
  • Family leave, irrespective of gender  
  • Fringe benefits, such as lunch, annual budget for sports, culture, and well-being activities (Epassi), bicycle benefit, continuous further training and education, leisure activities, and employee incentive system 
  • Annual performance reviews to assess well-being at work and development needs related to the job


Our dedication to improving health and life begins internally with our team. We provide a diverse and inclusive workplace where professional growth is encouraged, and well-being is prioritized. We uphold strict safety standards in the laboratories and facilities to protect our staff as they work on the front lines of disease research and development. 

Uniogen strives to create risk-free and safe working conditions for employees and adheres to the principle of preventive occupational healthcare to ensure the health of employees. Employees have access to comprehensive occupational health services and leisure-time accident insurance in addition to statutory insurance. When carrying out work, employees must comply with all safety instructions, wear personal protective equipment as instructed, and report any hazards or possible shortcomings in the safety instructions that they observe. The safety of the products developed by Uniogen is already ensured in the design and testing phases. Uniogen also strives to continuously develop better and safer solutions for its products.  

Abacus Diagnostica, Kaivogen and Labrox are now Uniogen

Uniogen is a global pioneer in clinical diagnostics, point-of-care testing, and instrumentation for life sciences.

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