Upcon® labeling technology

Upcon® is a first-of-a-kind complete solution for low-background applications utilizing upconversion technology. Upcon’s bright and photostable upconverting nanoparticles (UCNP) enable higher assay sensitivity and a lower detection limit for your lateral flow-based assays. Particles enable detection even through tissue and in whole blood, measurement without photobleaching or self-quenching, measurement without autofluorescence, and bright luminescence with discrete emission bands. Upcon is applicable to quantitative lateral flow tests, bioaffinity assays, microscopy, and imaging. Improved performance has specifically been addressed for lateral flow-based assays.

Uniogen’s Upcon technology offers a unique concept enabling high sensitivity and great performance for life science applications, research, and point-of-care diagnostics. The system comes with easy-to-use and robust software and instruments, stable and brightly luminescent reagents, and technical support. The Upcon chemistry and reader were jointly developed by Kaivogen and Labrox, both now part of Uniogen.