Whistleblowing Channel

Uniogen uses a whistleblowing channel to maintain good ethics and inform us of any harmful behavior. You can read our Code of Conduct, where we elaborate on our ethics. 

To promote an open, transparent, and safe operating culture, we have implemented a channel for reporting suspicions of misconduct. The establishment of the misconduct reporting channel is based on the whistleblower protection law and the European Union’s whistleblower protection directive

The whistleblowing channel provides a confidential means to bring suspected misconduct or violations of operating principles under internal investigation. Reports can be made anonymously. 

Primarily, it’s good to discuss any concerns or suspicions with one’s supervisor or management. If such a discussion does not feel like a good option or is ineffective, this channel can always be used for reporting. General development suggestions, complaints, and customer feedback should be conveyed to us through another channel, such as a contact form. The whistleblowing reporter cannot be identified if they wish to report anonymously.  

All reports are handled confidentially, protecting the privacy of both the reporter and the subject of the report. Personal data is processed under the obligations of the data protection law (1050/2018).  

A report can be made based on suspicion alone, without concrete evidence, as long as it is done honestly and with good intent. Reports received through the whistleblowing channel are handled by named persons with professional confidentiality, and they will initiate the necessary investigations. Confidentiality also applies when the reporters themselves reveal their identities. 

If a report concerns one of the handlers, they will not participate in the processing and investigation of the case. 

After receiving the report, we will acknowledge its receipt within 7 days. If necessary, we will ask you for additional information during the investigation. This step also occurs through the channel, confidentially and anonymously. We will inform you of the outcome of the investigation through the channel within 3 months of submitting the report.  

At the end of the report submission, you will receive a personal code to track the progress of your report. 

If you have made a report and lost the case-specific code, we ask you to make a new report, referring to your original report. This way, the investigation can continue in cooperation with you.  

More information about reporting can be found on our service provider’s website

If our internal channel does not work, you can report the misconduct referred to in the whistleblower protection law to the centralized external reporting channel of the Chancellor of Justice. Please note that irregularities in the organization’s operations should primarily be reported through our internal reporting channel to receive whistleblower protection. 

External notification channel of the Office of the Chancellor of Justice 

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