Lottery terms and conditions

  1. Organizer
  2. Lottery
    The draw is organized on the website and you can participate by subscribing to the Uniogen newsletter and leaving valid contact information. All newsletter subscribers will participate automatically in the draw.
    Five (5) mugs will be handed out, one (1) to each of five (5) winners. The mugs will be given to the winners randomly. The lottery will be held on September 5.
    We will notify winners personally. The value of the prize (price per mug is 20-25 €) cannot be converted into cash. The organizer of the lottery will pay any lottery tax. The organizer will not reimburse the prize if the participant cannot be reached. If the winner is not reached through the contact information provided within ten (10) business days, Uniogen reserves the right to draw a new winner. The name of the winner can be published in marketing. The prize will be delivered within 30 days of the draw date.
  3. Eligibility
    All natural persons of legal age may participate in the draw, with the following exceptions. Uniogen’s employees or their family members may not participate in the draw. Contact information will be collected to announce the prize. Minor participants in the lottery must have the consent of a guardian.
  4. Time of participation
    You can participate in the draw until August 31, 2022 on the website. After subscribing to the newsletter, the subscriber will automatically participate in the raffle throughout the campaign.
  5. Participation
    The raffle is organized on the website and you can participate in it by subscribing to the Uniogen newsletter and leaving valid contact information in the space reserved on the website.
    The subscribed newsletter can be canceled at any time, but participation in the draw requires the newsletter subscription to be valid for the duration of the promotion.
    Participation is considered to have started from the time you subscribe to the newsletter.
  6. Organizer’s responsibility
    The liability of the organizer towards the participants does not exceed the total value of the prize mentioned in these official rules. The organizer of the lottery and the technical implementer of the lottery are not responsible for problems caused by third parties. They shall not be liable for any damages or viruses caused by your use of or access to the Site or any material, data, text, images, videos or sound downloaded from or derived from this Site.
    The recipient of the prize releases Uniogen, the lottery partner or the partners of the above-mentioned parties from all liability for any injury or damage caused or alleged to have been caused by participating in this lottery.
  7. Processing of personal data
    The information provided for the draw is only recorded for informing the winners and is not used for marketing purposes. Personal data provided in participation is processed in accordance with the Personal Data Act.
  8. Trademarks and Copyrights
    The material in the lottery is protected by copyright, unless otherwise stated and its use is prohibited without the written permission of the organizer. The rules apply to all participants.
    By participating, participants agree to abide by these rules and the decisions of the organizer. The organizer reserves the right to make changes. Any ambiguities regarding the application and interpretation of the lottery rules will be resolved by the organizer.
  9. Changes
    The organizer of the raffle reserves the right to change the rules.

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