Ammonium chloride a.k.a. Salmiakki – From the pharmacies to our candy cabinets

Have you ever tried the salty liquorice Finns are so crazy about? If not, you are in for a treat! May we introduce, the Finnish culinary gem, salmiakki.

You may not know that salmiakki consists of Ammonium chloride (NH4Cl) and has a wide range of applications from shampoo to oil well maintenance. Us Finns, though, find it extremely tasty. It has been used originally as cough medicine but has been later adopted as an everyday sweet.

Salmiakki is indeed a quite peculiar way to sooth the Finnish sweet tooth. Let’s just say we have an acquired taste. Whether you like salmiakki or not, it’s always a guaranteed conversation starter given its original taste.

We are heading to the ESCV 2022 held in Manchester, UK, on September 7-10 and will bring some mouthwatering salmiakki with us from Finland. So, come meet us for interesting conversations about molecular diagnostics and we’ll treat you with some delicious Finnish salmiakki. (Don’t worry, if salmiakki isn’t your cup of tea, we have other tasty treats, too!)

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