Early diagnosis of ovarian cancer shows promise with Uniogen’s test 

Detecting ovarian cancer early has always been challenging, but Uniogen’s test under development, is changing that. Dive in to see how this Finnish innovation is set to make a big difference, offering hope and better solutions in cancer care.

Traditionally, early diagnosis of ovarian cancer has been challenging. However, Uniogen is developing a new test promising better cancer specificity and early-stage diagnostics. Project Manager Dr. Katri Kuningas, one of the test’s developers, sheds more light on the project and its potential.

– Our goal with this test is to enhance ovarian cancer diagnostics. Current methods aren’t cancer-specific. Uniogen’s new test, currently under development, focuses on the measurement of altered sugar parts of the protein CA125, providing more precise information about the presence of cancer cells, explains Katri.

Many ovarian cancers are diagnosed only after they have spread, which reduces the prognosis for recovery. Uniogen’s test aims to improve the test’s specificity by measuring the sugar parts of the CA125 protein, subsequently reducing healthcare costs and avoiding unnecessary procedures. “A more specific test aims to reduce false positives and invasive procedures, benefiting both patients and healthcare,” adds Katri. The test is easily performed on a blood sample taken from the patient.

Early diagnosis of ovarian cancer shows promise with Uniogen’s test

Uniogen’s test has been under development since 2019, and the process has been intensive. However, the research was initially conducted at the Department of Life Technologies/ Biotechnology, University of Turku, and then transferred to Uniogen. Katri notes, “Handling nanoparticles and biomolecules has been challenging. However, our biggest challenge has earlier been obtaining patient samples; fortunately, we have now overcome this challenge. Our goal is to obtain CE IVD marking in the near future.”

In addition to Katri, Uniogen’s core oncology R&D team working on this test includes Development Chemist Marjut Helle and Laboratory Technicians Jilan Moulani and Pauliina Taskinen. Team collaboration has been fruitful.

– Teamwork has been very smooth. We believe our test can achieve great things in the future to benefit patients, Katri concludes.

Uniogen is now looking for partners to complete clinical studies and commercialize the test. If you are interested in our ovarian cancer test under development, please contact Uniogen.


This article brings hope for a better future in ovarian cancer diagnostics and highlights the significance of Finnish science and technology innovations addressing healthcare challenges.

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