Meet our talented summer trainees! 

Uniogen is proud to help new talents launch their careers in the field of diagnostics. Let us introduce our latest trainees, Joska and Maria. 


Hello Joska and Maria! How did you decide to apply to Uniogen? 


Joska: The supervisor of my bachelor’s thesis mentioned Uniogen when I asked about potential traineeship positions. I did some research about the company and decided to apply right away. 

Maria: I applied for an open position. The job description was fun and interesting – hearing about the possibility of staying after the traineeship was a big plus for me. The job interview really convinced me that it could be a great place to work with many possibilities.  


What kind of tasks did you have during the summer?  


Joska: Mostly, I have taken measurements with plate readers, analyzed the results, and done manual testing related to different projects.  

Maria: All kinds of testing, both manual and automated. Actually, I learned that I have natural abilities in testing! My other tasks have included working with Excel spreadsheets and taking part in meetings, for example. 


What has been the best thing about your traineeship? 


Joska: I would say learning new things and seeing the progress in various projects.  

Maria: I really love the people here. They have made me feel like an important part of the team, and I have felt that my work is meaningful. 


Is there something you would like to say to future trainees? 


Joska: I definitely encourage you to apply here. At Uniogen you get to work on exciting projects with great colleagues and with flexible working hours! 

Maria: It’s more than just work here. For example, during my first week, we went to play curling with our team. I also taught my colleagues how to play bridge! 


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