Uniogen is attending clients throughout the summer

Our hometown Turku in Southwest Finland is a historical coastal city which is best enjoyed during the summer. We have plenty of festivals, culture, wonderful food, and everything you might look for in a summery city – not to mention top notch clinical diagnostics and life science experts. The unique archipelago is just stone’s throw away from the city center, so nature lover feels right at home too.

We at Uniogen are keeping busy throughout the summer (even though the summertime activities sound tempting), as our field of work never sleeps. When you are as passionate about something as we are, you stop counting hours and work towards your goals. However the ability to recharge well is paramount, so we too will be enjoying some time off during summer. Our customer service however is available non-stop.

Whether you’re planning on spending some summer days here in Turku or have something else planned, we wish you very relaxing summer!

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