Uniogen leads the way in sustainability

Uniogen has published the company’s first annual ESG (environment, social, governance) report. The aim is to lead by example on the one hand and, on the other, to be well prepared for upcoming regulations.

Maija Jortikka, Quality and Sustainability Specialist at Uniogen says that responsibility is one of the core values of Uniogen, and also, universally, the ESG theme is emerging.

– There’s a growing interest in sustainability-related matters among our stakeholders and other target groups. Our customers and job applicants are interested in how companies meet these matters.

The report comes in two parts: the first contains general information on the business and the company and its sustainability program. The second part presents the program’s results, metrics, and goals for the program for upcoming years.

– We are a new company, so we want to do everything the right way from the beginning. Also, we want to be as open and transparent as possible. And, of course, being a responsible company is a competitive advantage, at least to a certain extent, Maija Jortikka says.

Responsible by nature

Uniogen’s line of business is one of great responsibility in the first place, and communicating sustainability felt natural. The report is a 46-page publication, and the work started in September 2022.

– We started by analysing the fundamentals and gathering data. We activated our personnel, the board of directors, and representatives of our clientele in the project, and we also had assistance from a steering group and external specialists.

Maija Jortikka says that editing and publishing the first ESG report for a brand-new company was a challenging task. The learning curve was steep, but she is happy with the result.

– Although the journey was not always easy, this was a significant joint accomplishment. I want to thank everybody concerned for their swift and effective work. Health and safety are at the core of Uniogen’s business operations, and we must show the way in sustainability.


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