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Diagnostic plate readers

Diagnostic plate readers tailored to your needs Labrox diagnostic plate readers offer many benefits over competing products. As our readers’ design is based on modular subunits, we can easily configure a reader with the measuring technologies of your choice. Typical Labrox diagnostic readers feature a combination of absorbance, fluorescence, and… Read More

OEM readers

As our readers are designed as modular subunits we can easily configure a multimode plate reader with different measuring technologies tailored to your specifications. The GUI can also be modified to display the look and feel of your branding. Read More


Labrox offers a wide variety of tested and optimized filter pairs, dichroic mirrors and other accessories to our readers. Read More

Single mode readers

Due to the modular design of the Labrox plate reader, we also offer all measurement technologies as single-mode readers. All instruments in this reader family can later be upgraded at the factory to include any or all of the measurement technologies Labrox has available. Read More