Single mode readers

Individualized detection systems with the features of your choice

Uniogen manufactures high-performance plate readers for customers with specific requirements with regards to assay applications, features, and technologies.

Available measuring technologies include time-resolved fluorometry (TRF), Upcon® upconverting nanoparticle technology, fluorescence, fluorescence polarization, luminescence, and absorbance (filter or spectrograph).

Uniogen offers a wide variety of tested and optimized filter pairs and dichroic mirrors to our readers. Bottom reading, shaking, temperature control, and dispenser options can be included in all reader versions.

Our services include remote installation and maintenance services and after-sales support. Our single-mode readers take up only a small space in the lab and are exceptionally low-maintenance and reliable with a long operating life.

What we offer

  • High-end single-mode plate readers for variable measuring technologies, features, and plate formats
  • Upgradable and customizable workhorses with a small footprint in the lab
  • Reliable low-maintenance instruments with a long operating life and remote support

The product concept is also available for OEM partnerships.

For full product details and specification sheets on our single-mode readers, please contact us.

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