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Uniogen is proud of the journey that has led to a great product  the GenomEra® CDX System. The automated molecular diagnostics system consists of test chips, instrument, and software interpreting the results. It has been designed and manufactured in Finland with simplicity, sensitivity, safety, and speed in mind. The development of the system has been over 20-year-long project carried out by a tight team of talented and result-driven minds.

When COVID-19 hit we were prepared

Erno Sundberg has been leading the team from 2016. “When COVID-19 hit and the demand for PCR testing skyrocketed, we were ready, given that we had been investing in rapid growth,” Erno says, “and all the minor bugs had been dealt with in close contact with our clients throughout the years. Therefore, we were able to answer to the high demand.”

Uniogen takes customer service seriously

One of the key factors behind GenomEra’s quality and reliability is customer service, which is taken seriously. Uniogen provides thorough help quickly should any issues arise and make sure that the end user gets all the help needed to solve the issue. This works both ways: the client can be at ease knowing that all questions are answered, and updated feedback is received regularly to make sure the product is working reliably.

The latest addition to Uniogen’s PCR test catalogue

The latest addition to Uniogen’s PCR test catalogue is HSV-1/2, VZV + EV Assay Kit, which is a new CE-marked rapid PCR test for the fast identification of viruses causing viral meningitis and encephalitis. “We are thrilled to have launched this new product as it is unique in the market. One of the cleverest aspects of the new test is the tiny amount of sample material required to reach an extremely reliable diagnosis,” Erno says.

More unique products are to follow in the future as Uniogen has the brainpower of three life science companies put together. “As one we have a substantial amount of expertise and knowhow to make things happen,” says Erno.

Stay tuned for more news that can change the way you see diagnostics.


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