High-end diagnostic instruments found in laboratories worldwide

When we shortlist the best smartphones or laptops, seamless user experience and compact ruggedness without compromising performance is a must. So why wouldn’t we expect the very same standards when choosing laboratory instruments?

From Lego-blocks to world class diagnostic instruments

Uniogen’s Head of R&D for life science instruments Ida Erling and her team have a long track record in making laboratory equipment more compact and efficient. The secret is their “Lego-block” type approach, which means practical thinking in designing and building multimode plate readers that are durable, easy to configurate for client’s specific needs and easy to service, if necessary.

To reach the position where the R&D’s 20-strong team is right now has taken more than decade of work and study. Ida has indeed the right to be proud of the team. Whatever the client’s needs may be, there’s always someone in the team who has worked with a similar project before and has a solution in hand. Experience is simply something that isn’t gained over night.

Go small or go home – in laboratories size matters

Multimode readers are currently the highest selling product of the Uniogen instrumentation team. It is the smallest multimode reader in the market, which is extremely important for laboratories searching equipment with small footprint. For those who don’t know, laboratories usually are quite crammed with equipment, so size really does matter. “We squeezed the 30-kilogram reader into 13-kilogram instrument, reduced the footprint in half and lost 400 of the 600 parts without compromising the performance,” Ida explains.

Ida clarifies the importance of the multimode readers: “While microscopes can be found in every laboratory in the world, multimode readers are not far behind. More than 20% of worlds laboratories have one.” Multimode readers made by Uniogen can be found in more than hundred countries in five continents.

What’s next?

Multimode readers have various applications from environmental studies to viral diagnostics. As Uniogen focuses on identifying pathogens quickly and enabling care on first appointment, the next step is to bring the performance of the large laboratory instruments in to point-of-care testing. That is one of the goals of Ida’s team.


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