This is how a good instrument keeps getting better year after year

As the chief technology officer at Uniogen, Pauli Salmelainen oversees the life science instrument product portfolio of the Uniogen company. This means he must vision the demands and possibilities of the future because groundbreaking technology needs time to evolve. In his own words, though, most of his working hours are spent solving problems of different nature and size. A problem solved is a challenge completed.

Challenges are not conquered alone

After graduating from Helsinki University of Technology in 2003 Pauli has gained a lot of experience in R&D as an optical designer. Plenty of laboratory instruments and other development projects have gone through his fingers.

However, he wants to be clear on one thing. Challenges are not conquered alone. Problem solving is always teamwork. And as the company keeps growing Pauli gladly trusts the team’s remarkable abilities in resolving issues as he is in charge of questions in larger scale.

Developability, durability, longevity

As the CTO, Pauli is a patient man who isn’t interested just in the latest technology but wants to be able to fathom the whole lifespan of an instrument before its release. His philosophy with Uniogen’s products relies on constant updating and developing of products that are already on the market. This means that new products must endure time and possess the ability grow throughout the years of use, not the other way around.

“We want the clients to trust in the product’s longevity,” says Pauli. There’s no simple trick for it. The most important thing is to make sure that there will be solid updates and customer support for years to come. This way, within time the instrument will get better and better instead of deteriorating.

A great example is Uniogen’s multilabel plate reader, which was launched a decade ago, but gets substantial updates every year. “The way I see it, a good product is never finished, but keeps getting better and better,” Pauli explains.

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