Uniogen joins climate program: demonstrating environmental commitment

Uniogen has been selected to participate in a climate program led by The Finland Chamber of Commerce and supported by LähiTapiola, representing a significant advancement in environmental responsibility for small and medium-sized businesses. This participation reflects a growing commitment to engage in climate action.

The program equips participating companies with training, resources, and expert advice for calculating and understanding their carbon emissions. It also guides them in developing and implementing effective strategies to reduce these emissions. This initiative is not only crucial for addressing the pressing issue of climate change, but it also meets evolving customer expectations, and positions the participating companies competitively in the marketplace.

Uniogen’s involvement in this initiative is a clear indicator of a shift in the business environment, recognizing environmental sustainability as an integral part of corporate strategy and operations.


Read more in Finnish: Ilmasto-ohjelma – Keskuskauppakamari

Abacus Diagnostica, Kaivogen and Labrox are now Uniogen

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