Uniogen receives prestigious Seal Of Excellence from EIC for innovative cancer diagnostics solution 

Uniogen has achieved a remarkable milestone by receiving the esteemed Seal of Excellence from the European Innovation Council (EIC). This recognition comes as a testament to Uniogen’s pioneering work in the field of cancer diagnostics, solidifying its position as an innovator and leader in healthcare technology. 

The Seal of Excellence: a symbol of innovation and quality  

The Seal of Excellence is more than just an award it is a symbol of the high quality and innovative nature of Uniogen’s work. It reflects the company’s dedication to developing solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of medical advancements.  

The recognition by the EIC reaffirms that the company should continue to invest in the development of the diagnostics solution, which will potentially change the cancer diagnostics landscape.


For more information on the EIC Accelerator and the Seal of Excellence, please visit EIC Accelerator – Seals of Excellence. Projects that were judged to deserve funding by independent experts gathered within EIC juries, but did not get it only due to budget limits, may receive such Seals of Excellence. 

Uniogen continues to build on its momentum and achievements, eager to explore new horizons in medical diagnostics and contribute to a healthier future for all.

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