Upcon® technology: Where the stars shine brighter in the future of diagnostics 

Imagine a night sky where stars shine brighter than ever before, free from the interference of urban light pollution. Upcon nanoparticles emit their unique glow through a special luminescence phenomenon, making even the faintest of glows distinctly visible. This is how Dr. Terhi Riuttamäki, our R&D scientist, describes Upcon technology. 

The unique capability of Upcon particles to transform low-energy infrared light into high-energy visible light offers advantages traditional luminescent materials cannot provide. This technology eliminates the disturbance of background light, like stargazing from brightly lit city streets – a challenge to which Upcon responds effectively. 

Roots at the University of Turku and beyond 

The roots of Upcon technology stretch back to the University of Turku, where a research team led by Prof. Tero Soukka began developing the technology for diagnostic applications. Terhi was part of this group and did her dissertation on the topic. This passion and determination continued at Uniogen (formerly Kaivogen) where Terhi got to lead the development of Upcon technology and its commercialization to meet the needs of diagnostics and research labs.  

All UCNP experts in Europe and worldwide form a close-knit community, sharing their research findings and achievements. Uniogen has been actively involved in this network, enhancing cooperation and establishing partnerships with various stakeholders.

How Upcon technology paves the way for diagnostic advancements 

With Upcon technology, we can expect launches of rapid tests that give lab-grade results right beside the patient, swiftly and without compromise. Moreover, results can be presented numerically, broadening diagnostic possibilities. Although this technology holds potential for specific tests, such as quantitative lateral flow tests, its application opportunities are vast. It’s flexible and fits many different needs, making it an incredibly versatile tool for developing new high-sensitivity assays. 

Uniogen’s knowledgeable team offers a comprehensive package covering nanoparticle manufacturing, coating, and conjugation. We also provide a plate reader and a lateral flow reader suitable for reading Upcon particles. Best of all, clients are not left alone; we have a team ready to offer support and ideas at every stage. Currently, Uniogen’s Upcon R&D team includes, in addition to Terhi, Development Chemists Eeva Junkkari and Annika Eränen, and Laboratory Technicians Tiina Ilmanen and Tuomo Suutari. 

For Terhi and us at Uniogen, Upcon technology represents a significant stride towards more efficient, accurate, and swift diagnostics. It opens the door to new possibilities and redefines how we envision the future of diagnostics.

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