Spring comes with inspiring events

The merger of Uniogen was completed by the end of 2022 and the three companies became one. We are excited to finally unleash the full potential that comes from three strong and innovative life science companies put together. Although we have worked together for some time now, the new beginning with new strategies and smoother workflow feels fresh and unifying.

Helsinki, Finland, February 9–10

The upcoming spring brings many thrilling events. We start off in February with Labquality Days here in Finland. As one of the partners of the exhibition, we have a strong presence both at our stand and on the stage. Our Clinical Study Manager, PhD Jari Martelin will be giving a presentation at the fair. Be sure to tune in!

Our key products at Labquality Days will be our latest GenomEra® products: SARS-CoV-2, Flu A/B + RSV 2.0, HSV-1/2, VZV + EV, and C. difficile. These are a great addition to your laboratory’s PCR test range and easy add if you already have our GenomEra® CDX instrument.

Basel, Switzerland, March 20–22

In March our Commercial Director Tapani Elovirta and Marketing Manager Veikko Wahlroos head to Basel, Switzerland for BIO-Europe Spring 2023. In BIO-Europe our focus is on life sciences and our Upcon® labeling technology. Please, book a meeting in advance.

Upcon is a fast and extremely accurate way of delivering diagnosis with a lateral flow test. Upcon is applicable for various different tests – from COVID-19 to cancer diagnostics.

Copenhagen, Denmark, April 15–18

One of the most important events of this spring is ECCMID 2023 – 33rd European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, which is held in Copenhagen, Denmark in April. With more than 14.000 participants from around the world, we are expecting interesting conversations with laboratory experts, doctors, chemists, and virologists. We submitted three abstracts to the congress and all of them were accepted to be presented as posters. Through these posters, we will take active role in the scientific dialogue to show how our products work in the clinical environment.

Among marketing and networking, these events also provide an opportunity to detect new possibilities and needs in the field. We are always scanning the perimeter for the next big thing. While we are eager to launch our next generation diagnostic system – a complete solution for point-of-care testing – good things come with huge effort, research, development, and patience. So, stay tuned for what is bubbling under.



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