Assay Development Services

Bespoke assay development services to match your needs

Uniogen offers a complete service concept for all your assay demands—from straightforward to more sophisticated ones. Whether you are struggling with puzzling analysis results or want to grow your new idea swiftly from scratch all the way to a product on the market, our assay development experts can help. Don’t hesitate to outsource your assay development to us.

At Uniogen we’re specialists in all aspects of custom assay development, including evaluation of the detection technology, customization of measurement instruments, and manufacture of high-quality assay components to your specifications.

Our immunoassay development services range from the optimization of single assay components—including customized microplate coating, buffer production, and biomolecule conjugation—to full kit development. We have a strong background in developing assays based on time-resolved fluorometry (TRF), but we are also open to other detection technologies, including ELISA and electrochemiluminescence (ECL).

Uniogen has developed one-of-a-kind labeling technology based (Upcon®) upconvertible nanoparticles that can be tailored to your needs. In addition to traditional microplate-based assays, we would also be happy to assist you with lateral flow (LF) and microfluidistics-based platforms.

Uniogen is a reliable OEM instrument manufacturer with clinical software. For the assay development phase, we offer a flexible plate reader platform featuring measurable plate formats up to 384-well plate, adapters for lateral flow strips or Petri dishes, scanning software, shaking and temperature control, and detection technology options including TRF, TR-FRET, Upcon®, luminescence, absorbance, and fluorescence. Read more about our single-mode readers and diagnostic plate readers.

Our dedicated assay development team will detangle all your R&D challenges with a proven, high-quality approach that is compliant with ISO 13485.


“The ongoing collaboration with Uniogen’s diagnostic assay development team has been very fruitful and enabled the maturation of our assay concept from its early drafts to a soon to be launched product.”

– Dag Christiansen, CEO, CardiNor

For more details, please contact our assay development team to discuss an approach that best fits your needs.

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