Custom buffer production

High-quality, scalable buffer production according to your recipe

In addition to Uniogen’s complete assay development service concept, we offer bespoke custom buffer production services for versatile assay needs. We’re experts in buffer production and can prepare even more challenging buffers to meet your assay demands.

Outsourcing buffer production to us saves you a whole lot of time and effort. We have a stock of standard laboratory reagents for the most common laboratory buffers, but also produce buffers according to your own recipe. Our custom buffer production line enables the manufacture of high-quality batches of up to 100 liters.

All custom buffers are prepared in our validated production facilities and can be produced according to ISO 13485 standards if required.

What we offer

  • Preparation of a wide variety of common assay buffers
  • Customized buffer production according to your own recipe
  • Buffer batches of up to 100 liters in quality-assured facilities

For more detailed information on our custom buffer production services, please contact us.

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