Laboratory buffers

Assay buffers as catalogue items and custom-made products

Uniogen offers several different laboratory buffers to be used in a wide range of immunoassay applications. Our catalogue items include clear and colored assay buffers and a wash concentrate to be used with microplate washers.

In addition, we provide Europium Fluorescence Intensifier (EFI)—a solution for use in lanthanide chelate-based assays for chelates that are not intrinsically fluorescent and thus require a separate intensification step at the end of the assay.

With regards to our Upcon® upconverting nanoparticle (UCNP) technology, we offer a stabilizer concentrate to ensure optimal performance of your particles, as well as buffers optimized specifically for microplate assays and lateral flow assays.

What we offer

  • Assay buffers and wash concentrates as catalogue items
  • Europium Fluorescence Intensifier (EFI) for lanthanide chelate-based assays
  • Upcon® stabilizer concentrate
  • Custom-made buffers for your unique assay needs

If you cannot find what you are looking for among our catalogue items, we also offer custom buffer production for your unique assay needs. For more comprehensive assistance on assay design, please contact our assay development service team.


For more detailed information on the various buffers and their specifications, please contact us.

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