Streptavidin coated plates

High-quality immunoassay plates for binding of all types of biotinylated molecules

Uniogen offers high-quality streptavidin-coated microplates that are suitable for a wide range of immunoassay applications.

All Uniogen’s plates have a high affinity towards biotin and are stable over a wide range of pHs, detergent concentrations, and ionic strengths. The available plate families differ in terms of their binding capacity, background, and streptavidin leaching properties and their cost.

Our 96-well plates are available in several different formats including a 12-well strip plate, an 8-well strip plate, and a breakable strip plate, enabling the use of various instruments and assay configurations. Additionally, other plate formats, including 384-well plates, are available on request.

Recommended plate types:

If you cannot find what you are looking for among our catalogue items, we are available to prepare custom plates designed specifically for your purposes.

Get free sample

To be sure that you have the right product for your specific application we highly recommend ordering a couple of free samples from us for test purposes. This also allows you to compare our product’s performance with that of your current vendor. For our catalogue microplate offering, see our price & product list. Other plate types not mentioned there are available on request.

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