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Assay Development Services

Uniogen offers a complete service concept for all your assay demands—from straightforward to more sophisticated ones. Whether you are struggling with puzzling analysis results or want to grow your new idea swiftly from scratch all the way to a product on the market, our assay development experts can… Read More

Streptavidin coated plates

Uniogen offers high-quality streptavidin-coated microplates that are suitable for a wide range of immunoassay applications. All Uniogen’s plates have a high affinity towards biotin and are stable over a wide range of pHs, detergent concentrations, and ionic strengths. The available plate families differ in terms of… Read More

Anti-species plates

Uniogen’s plate product portfolio covers various anti-species microplates, including anti-mouse, anti-human, and anti-sheep plates. Additionally, anti-rabbit plates are available on request. All our anti-species plates are passively coated and saturated to ensure low non-specific binding. Uniogen’s 96-well plates are available in 12-well strip plate format—other plate… Read More

Laboratory buffers

Uniogen offers several different laboratory buffers to be used in a wide range of immunoassay applications. Our catalogue items include clear and colored assay buffers and a wash concentrate to be used with microplate washers. In addition, we provide Europium Fluorescence Intensifier (EFI)—a solution for use… Read More

Custom plate coating

Uniogen offers bespoke custom plate coating services for your versatile assay needs. Attaching the protein of your choice to the microplate surface is effortless with our automated plate coating line. We provide a full-scale plate coating service with batch-sizes of 50–3000 plates and a labeling service… Read More

Custom biomolecule conjugation

Uniogen offers custom biomolecule coating services for versatile assay needs. We feature bespoke protein conjugation services, be it attaching reporters or binders to the biomolecule of your interest or conjugation to Upcon® upconverting nanoparticles (UCNPs). Biomolecule attachment to various fluorophores, biotin, lanthanide chelates, or particles… Read More

Custom buffer production

In addition to Uniogen’s complete assay development service concept, we offer bespoke custom buffer production services for versatile assay needs. We’re experts in buffer production and can prepare even more challenging buffers to meet your assay demands. Outsourcing buffer production to us saves you a… Read More

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